ColorBond Seat Stylin

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ColorBond Seat Stylin’ gives you the ability to personalize your auto seat upholstery without spending a mint. An easy to apply aerosol, Seat Stylin’ allows you to spray paint leather, vinyl and plastic with dazzling results. Great for interior components like seats, door panels, shifter boots and emergency handles, ColorBond Seat Stylin’ is available in a set of vibrant colors sure to grab attention. Formulated to create a strong bond with fabric surfaces, Seat Stylin’ produces superior results on all types of auto seat upholstery. Whether you want to spray paint leather or fabric, you’ll find that Seat Stylin’ produces the results you’re looking for. If you want to learn how to paint car seats, start with ColorBond Seat Stylin’.

When comparing with "ColorBond Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Finisher" the Seat Stylin' product is slightly better suited to the harder surfaces. It is advised that harder surfaces should first be treated with "ColorBond Adhesion Promoter".


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Customer Reviews

"I received my Colorbond paint from you guys during the week to paint my door card and quarter trim leather in my car and I must say what a quality product this stuff is it’s so user friendly and really does work well . I have used Plasti Dip products to change my window chromes to black and that was also very impressive . I will be recommending your products and your company that’s for sure" 




Bring your auto seat upholstery and components alive with ColorBond Seat Stylin’. Follow these clear-cut steps to transform the interior of your vehicle:
Remove Seats Whenever Possible
Clean Car Seats Thoroughly
Apply Light Mist Coat 12” From The Surface
Allow 2 Minute Drying Time Between Each Coat
Use Multiple Coats As Necessary
Bonds in 10 Minutes


ColorBond Seat Stylin’
12 oz. (approx 340ml) Aerosol Can
Coverage: 2 m²

Resources - Preparation & Application Guidelines