ColorBond FAQ

What is the coverage of the aerosols?

While coverage may vary depending on the colour selection and substrate to the painted, a conservative estimate is 6-8 ft² per can.

Can ColorBond create custom colours?

Yes, we offer a bespoke colour match service.
Send us a sample or provide an RAL “Classic” range code or British standards 4800/381C series code and we will try to match the colour.

How can I find the correct colour for my vehicle?

Find your vehicle’s VIN and contact your local dealership. They will be able to give you the correct colour name and trim code for your vehicle.

Can ColorBond be applied with a brush?

No. ColorBond should be applied using only an aerosol or spray gun.

Does ColorBond fill cracks or tears in the substrate?

No. While ColorBond penetrates the substrate it will not fill cracks or tears. Therefore, any repair should be performed before painting.

What should I use for cleaning the surface after application?

We recommend using our own ColorBond prep cleaner. Please note that whatever you choose to use, do not use solvent cleaners!

Is priming necessary?

In some cases you do not need to prime the surface, but this is dependent on the type of material you are coating. Generally, for non porous surfaces such as metal and some plastics, we would always recommend using color Bond adhesion promoter.

What’s the difference between ColorBond’s Seat Stylin’ and Vinyl, Leather and Hard Plastic Refinisher?

The only difference is the available colours. Seat Stylin’ is intended for use in the automotive customization and marine markets. Both products perform exactly the same.

Is Colorbond only for use on car interiors?

No; The refinisher is ideal for many other uses, such as,home furnishings, footwear, garden cushions, Hot tub cushions, Boat seats and trims. It will also refinish pile carpets, some fabrics and car soft tops. The possibilities are endless! If in doubt contact us for advice.

Can ColorBond stand up to marine environments?

Yes. All ColorBond products are created to perform in the harshest of climates.

Does ColorBond work on metal?

Yes; ColorBond is also ideal for interior and exterior metal trim. See our preparation guide.

Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery on all orders to UK mainland addresses. For more information on our delivery policy please see this page.

Can ColorBond be sprayed?

ColorBond can be sprayed by using a conventional spray gun.
The system is 1K. No thinning is required.
PSI should be set at between 10-30.
Tip size should be able to accommodate a mist spray.

Is there a protective lacquer that can be applied over the top?

Guard your investment with Auto upholstery protectant from ColorBond.
Our Dash Clear UV Protectant keeps vehicle interiors looking new by creating a layer of protection from sun, dirt and grime. An exceptional hard surface and upholstery protector.
Available in Matt, Gloss and Satin finishes.