ColorBond - Pro Tech Prep Cleaner (Degreaser) - 500ml

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Product Description

ColorBond’s Pro Tech Prep Cleaner is a Degreaser & Cleaner that's great as a pre paint cleaner for components of all types. Formulated to eliminate road dirt and grime, this degreasing cleaner cleans parts like quarter panels, bumpers and hoods to prepares interior and exterior surfaces for paint.

An excellent degreaser strong enough to eliminate road grime, Pro Tech Prep is gentle enough for use as a pre paint cleaner for interior components too. No matter if you’re refurbishing the exterior or interior of a car, ColorBond Pro Tech Prep Cleaner is one multi-use car degreaser that you’ll want to have around.

Pro Tech Cleaner uses biodegradable surfactants which are strong enough to break up and lift away heavy dirt film, grime and debris but are also gentle enough to be used on fabrics and carpeting to remove any stains, grease and dirt.

A water-based product and contains non-hazardous detergents.


User Guide

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Using ColorBond’s Pre Paint Cleaner

Cleaning exterior or interior components is easy with Pro Tech Prep:

  • Wipe Down Surface Thoroughly
  • Reapply As Necessary

Product Details

  • ColorBond  Pro Tech Prep Cleaner
  • 500ml Spray Bottle
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