ColorBond Carpet and Textile Refinisher

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Revitalise Auto Carpets with ColorBond

Refresh worn carpets with ColorBond’s carpet paint. An excellent alternative to automotive carpet dye, ColorBond’s answer to refreshing your vehicles carpets is an easy and cost effective option to bring your interior back to life. Restore the original colour or inject some vibrant hue to create a look nobody will miss with car carpet paint from ColorBond.

Vehicle carpets take a beating, but you can refresh them easily and inexpensively with ColorBond. Purchasing a new carpet kit for your current vehicle or project can be pricey and applying automotive carpet dye can be time consuming, but ColorBond’s Carpet Refinishing paint delivers superior results. Simply follow the basic instructions and you’ll find that your vehicle’s carpets will be looking good in no time!

ColorBond’s revolutionary molecular bonding paint penetrates deep into carpet fibers providing results that look great and are highly durable. Importantly, the carpet is left feeling soft and natural after painting.

Suitable for most tradtional cut & twist pile automotive carpets and woven textiles.

We do not recommend use on Plush velvets, high plie carpets or cotton rag. 

Easy to Use;

Renovating your car's interior is easy with ColorBond car carpet paint. Offering a superior finish to conventional carpet cleaning, ColorBond Carpet Refinisher is easy to apply and dries in minutes. Follow these basic steps to bring your car's carpets back to life:
  • For best results, remove the carpet from the vehicle
  • Lay carpet out in a well ventilated area
  • Thoroughly clean the carpet
  • Apply paint in short, light passes in multiple layers. Don't saturate.
  • Completely dry in 30 minutes

Product Details

  • ColorBond  Carpet Refinisher
  • 12 oz. Aerosol Can
  • Coverage: Varies Based on Application
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